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eBook (Willo Reader Fixed): Overview of Willo Reader Features
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Steps to Navigate Willo Reader Features

Some of our titles offer an eBook which features a fixed-layout and includes all content from the print textbook with exact page reproductions. Willo Reader fixed features are described below.



  1. Back to Shelf: Takes you to the Bookshelf where you can choose a specific ebook to view and read.
  2. Table of Contents: A feature that allows you to quickly navigate to any part of the ebook.
  3. My Data: Lists your notes and highlights from the ebook as well as those which have been shared.
  4. Search: Search for and find content in the ebook.
  5. Pen: Use the Pen tool to annotate while reading.
  6. Add Note: Click on the Note icon to add notes throughout the ebook. These notes will be saved to a page for future reference.
  7. Highlight Tool: Use this tool with a variety of color options to highlight text throughout the ebook. 
  8. Zoom: Use this tool to zoom in or out of the ebook content while reading.
  9. Fit to height/width: Toggle the page to fit to height or width.
  10. Page View: Toggle between single and double page view.
  11. Back/Next: Use the Back/Next arrow to go to the previous/next chapter.
  12. Read Aloud: Choose this feature to have the text read aloud.
  13. Full Screen: Select this icon to toggle in and out of full screen view.
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