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eBook (Willo Reader Reflowable eBook): How to View My Data
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Steps to View My Data in Willo Reader

Willo Reader allows you to do more than just create notes and highlights. With Willo Reader, sharing and organizing your data (notes, highlights) and conversation threads is easy. You can collaborate with others using Willo Share function.

My Data: Highlight and Filter

  1. Select the My Data icon to view saved highlights and notes.
  2. Filter data based on color of highlights by selecting the coinciding checkbox.
  3. Scroll through the list of saved notes and highlights until you find the specific notes for which you are looking.

My Data: Notes and Filter

  1. After viewing all notes saved under My Data, select the Filter icon. Choose the plain notes arrow down, and select all or a specific color of notes you wish to view at this time.
  2. Select Contextual Notes to view notes attached to highlighted sections of the eBook.


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