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Fitness and Wellness Skills 2023: Task Card Library
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Navigating Your Resources: Task Card Library


The Task Card Library is another great visual tool for students. Offered as presentations for PowerPoint®, the 14 sets of Task Cards are incredibly versatile. Customize the order of Task Cards within each set or build your own by choosing slides from the sets offered. 


Each Task Card includes a photo or photos of the exercise at hand, as well as written, step-by-step instructions for performing the exercise properly. Fitness levels are included to help students gauge their performance as either beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Most of the fitness levels measure the number of repetitions performed in 30 seconds, although others measure time or distance. 


Print, project, or share these Task Cards with students. Laminating them is a great way to preserve them throughout the course, ensuring they are ready whenever you need them. At the beginning of your course, Task Cards are an excellent tool for student reference of the exercises you have taught. You might review the Task Card sets ahead of class to identify the exercises you would like to demonstrate in each lesson. Suggestions are included in the Lesson Plans. If you will be doing a circuit-training workout, for example, Task Cards could be printed and placed at each station. This will allow for students to reference how to do each exercise while also gauging their performance using the Fitness Levels on each card. As your course progresses, Task Cards provide a helpful reference for students who have gained the skill and knowledge to build their own workouts. 

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