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SSO: Setting Up the Classlink App & Server Details
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Setting up the Classlink App

  1. In Classlink go to Applications.
  2. Select Add & Assign Apps.
  3. Select Add.
  4. Give Application Name ( ex: G-W, Goodheart-Willcox Publisher, etc), add an icon, Single Sign-On App turn to Yes.
  5. Using the Classlink Information PDF G-W provided fill in the followingĀ information.
  6. Save all information.

Setting up the Server Details

  1. UsingĀ the OneRoster and LTI Integration Information PDF G-W provided.
  2. Test Authentication if you get a failure try adding the username in the Path field.
  3. Send us all data. If you are using OneRoster 1.0, send us the completed courseResource file so G-W can upload.
  4. Let us know when you have sent the data so we can check and process the files.
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