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SSO: Clever
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G-W Offers Clever Single Sign-On (SSO)


Clever single sign-on (SSO) enables users to securely authenticate into connected applications via Clever Portal. Users log into Clever just once with their set of credentials, or using a Clever Badge, and then click on the various app icons to be logged in automatically via SSO.


If you are interested in using Clever with G-W or Clever with your LMS, we have listed a few suggestions:


Option 1: Clever with G-W Title

  1. If you would like to have Clever configured for you, you will need to work with your Educational Consultant to make sure what you have purchased is the correct type of access for Clever. 
    • You will need to have purchased 1:1 access and paid the integration fee.
  2. Your Educational Consultant will put in a support ticket to get the process started once they have verified the purchase. 
  3. G-W will then set up access on our side. 
  4. Once this piece is complete, you will receive an invitation from G-W to connect with Clever.
  5. Once you have accepted the invitation you will need to set up your sharing rules. 


Option 2: Clever with your LMS

  1. If you would like to connect Clever with your LMS.
  2. This is assuming you have purchased a G-W Common Cartridge that is loaded into your LMS.
  3. You will set up Clever on your end to be the rostering into your LMS. No additional work is needed on the G-W side
  4. Instructors and Students will still need to activate their subscriptions. Here is the link to the G-W Knowledge Base Articles for the various Learning Management Systems (LMS) which has directions on how to activate a subscription for both instructors and students
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