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Student Devices: Using G-W Content on an Android
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For the optimal experience using G-W content on an Android, please make sure you have updated to the most recent version of Google Chrome as that is the recommended web browser for using G-W content.

GWOT Users: Navigating G-W Content on an Android

  1. When a user clicks on the Companion Website hyperlinks (i.e. Videos, E-Flash Cards, Review Questions, etc.) the resource will open in a new tab.
  2. The Home Button on the 2023 copyrights and newer editions will send a user back to the bookshelf home page.
  3. When using a G-W title that is a 2023 copyright or newer, a user may be viewing the Online Textbook Reflowable. We have noticed that the functionality and scrolling of this digital textbook works best in Google Chrome.
  4. Zoom Out: A user may notice that zooming out does not reflow to fill the screen width. A user may be required to exit the digital textbook and re-open in order to reset the zoom level.

How to Use the Lesson Review Section on an Android

  1. A user may type their responses directly into the web fields.
  2. Print: If a user has completed the activity, they may select the Print button at the bottom of the activity and select an available printer.
  3. Save: A user may not be able to save their work on an Android tablet. Therefore, it is recommended that students finish this assignment in one sitting, or select Print and Save to PDF to keep a copy of the responses for next time.
  4. Saving a digital copy of the Lesson Review activities for submission: When a user is ready to share or submit this activity digitally, they may use any applicable app installed on this device (i.e. share it through Google Drive, email the file as an attachment, etc.).

How to Complete a PDF with Form Fields Activity on an Android

  1. After selecting the Workbook bookshelf item, select the desired chapter/unit link to view.
  2. The file will automatically open in the Google Drive PDF viewer. The form fields will not be visible or usable in this view.
  3. A user will have to open this file in a PDF editing app either installed by the user or the school district that manages the student devices.
  4. Upon completion, students may save a digital copy of the completed PDF activity or print if that option is available on student devices.

How to Use G-W DOCX files on an Android

  1. After selecting the Workbook bookshelf item, select the desired lesson activity to view by clicking on the DOCX link.
  2. Once it has downloaded, click on the downloaded file.
  3. A user will be presented with a prompt to choose an application with which to open the file. The only options that will appear are those that have been installed by the user or a school district managing the Android devices. Both Google Docs and MS Word will allow a user to view and edit this content.
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