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RedShelf eReader: How to Print Pages to a PDF
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G-W provides each user with a specific print allotment of the content in a book throughout the duration of their subscription.

  1. In your eBook, click on the Additional Options Menu in the upper right-hand corner and select Print Pages to a PDF.

  2. Choose the page range to print at the top. Select Add.

  3. The pages will be added to the Print Queue and the print allotment progress bar will update at the bottom. You can also include your notes and highlights if you would like. Once you have added all the pages you would like to print, select Print to PDF.

  4. You will see a pop up like the one below, showing the page range and percentage of print allotment remaining. Confirm that everything is correct and click Print.

  5. Once your download is complete, you will see this window in the lower left-hand corner. Select Open PDF to view.

  6. To see your remaining print allotment at any time, select the drop-down arrow next to the progress bar at the bottom.

  7. If you need to download the same pages again, return to the Print Pages to PDF menu and select the Print History drop down. You can then use the printer icon to reprint the pages without using more of your print allotment.

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