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RedShelf eReader: Overview of the eBook Features
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  1. Learning Tools Drawer: This icon controls the learning tools menu. Toggle to hide/show Notes & Highlights, Flashcards, and Copied Content.
  2. Notes & Highlights: Create an annotation by highlighting a text selection, adding a note, and choosing a specific color if desired.
  3. Flashcards: Users may create flashcards using terms and definitions from the eBook.
  4. Copied Content: View copied content through this dialogue box.
  5. Table of Contents: Select the table of contents to jump to a specific section, chapter, or unit of the eBook.
  6. Search: Find key terms within the digital textbook.
  7. Appearance Settings: You will be able to adjust Font Size, Theme, Spacing, Margins, etc.
  8. Additional Options: Access additional tools and support including Note Sharing and Downloading for Offline use.
  9. Previous: Links a user to the previous chapter or unit of the eBook.
  10. Next: Links a user to the next chapter or unit of the eBook.
  11. Scrub Bar: Allows you to see where you are in the book and to quickly jump to another page or chapter.
  12. Page Input: Enter a page number and click the Go button to bring you to the top of that page.
  13. Text-to-Speech Controls: Activate the controls to have the eBook read aloud and select a preferred voice and speed.
  14. Bookmark Page: Select a specific page to bookmark and view those bookmarks organized by chapter or unit.

Learn more about the RedShelf eBook features from RedShelf Solve

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