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RedShelf: How to Create Flashcards
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Creating Flashcards

  1. To Create a flashcard, click and drag your cursor over the text to highlight it.

  2. Select Flashcard from the pop up.

  3. You can add flashcards to a deck by selecting a deck from the dropdown menu within the task box.
    1. The front side of the flashcard contains your highlighted text. 
    2. Type a note for back side and select Save Flashcard. 


Accessing your Flashcards

  1. Once you have created flashcards, select the Main Menu icon in the top left corner of the eReader.


  2. From the Main Menu, select Flashcards.


  3. Select either Study by Chapter or Study by Deck. Flashcards are organized by eBook sections or by the decks you’ve created.


  4. Select the flashcard groups you’d like to study and click Study Flashcards.


  5. The interface displays the front side of the flashcard. To view the back side text, select any part of the card to flip it over.

    1. To go back to the front side, select anywhere on the card.

    2. To cycle through your flashcards, select the left and right arrows.


  6. You can check your understanding of the flashcard by selecting the colored icons in the bottom left of the backside of the flashcard. The icons stand for different levels of confidence. Green is for high confidence. Yellow is for moderate confidence, and red is for low confidence.

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