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RedShelf eReader: How to Use Bookmarks
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Creating a Bookmark

  1. To add a bookmark to your current location in your eBook, select the bookmark icon in the top right hand corner.

  2. When you do, a red bookmark appears to the right of the text to mark your location.

  3. Want to delete your bookmark? Select the red bookmark icon and select Delete.

Reviewing Your Bookmarks

  1. The RedShelf eReader not only lets you create bookmarks but also organizes them for easy access.
  2. To find all of your bookmarks, open the Sidebar Menu and select Bookmarks. Previews of the text from the bookmarked sections are organized by chapter. Skim your bookmarks by scrolling or pressing tab.

  3. To jump to a bookmarked section, select the text in the bookmark preview.

  4. Select Remove to remove your bookmark.

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