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RedShelf eReader: Features of the eBook Main Menu
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  1. Table of Contents: Select the table of contents to jump to a specific section, chapter, or unit of the eBook.
  2. Display Options: Users may modify the text and background settings of the eBook.
  3. Bookmarks: Users may bookmark certain pages and sections of the eBook which may be found in this dialogue box. 
  4. Notes & Highlights: Create an annotation by highlighting a text selection, adding a note, and choosing a specific color if desired. 
  5. Study Guide: Users may create a study guide as they create annotations throughout the eBook.
  6. Flashcards: Users may create flashcards using terms and definitions from the eBook.
  7. Copied Content: View copied content through this dialogue box.
  8. Collaboration: Users may share their notes and highlights with the collaboration tool, and may subscribe to view others’ shared notes.
  9. Print: Users may print up to 20% of the eBook content as a subscriber.
  10. Offline: Offline mode allows users to download sections of the book to read offline.
  11. Text to Speech: Select the voice, rate, and volume of the text to speech feature.
  12. Keyboard Shortcuts: Enable or disable keyboard shortcuts to navigate the eBook. 
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