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Brightspace/D2L: How to Import a Common Cartridge
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Steps to Import a Common Cartridge into Brightspace/D2L

The common cartridge (.imscc file) and integration pdf was sent to you through our ticket system. Please save those to your computer for ease of access.


  1. Log in to your Brightspace/D2L account.
  2. Create a new course or open a course to which you wish to import content.
  3. Select Course Tools, then Course Admin.
  4. Under Site Resources, select Import/Export/Copy Components.
  5. Select Import Components, then select Start.
  6. Select Upload to upload the common cartridge (.imscc) file that was sent. Then select Import All Components.
  7. Once your cartridge has uploaded, select View Content.
  8. Now the content can be viewed on your Course Home page.



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