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6-Way Open-Center Directional Control Valves
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During this instructor training session, Tim Dell, author of Hydraulic Systems for Mobile Equipment, will explain how 6-Way Open-Center DCVs are used in traditional open-center hydraulic systems, covering the types of valve actuation, the neutral bypass and its relationship to the other two passages, as well as parallel, tandem, & serial circuitry. He will also discuss how these DCVs can be used with variable PC pumps, DFCH hydraulic systems, LSPC pumps and the Parker Hannifin's VFO hydraulic systems, Negative Flow Control hydraulic systems, and Positive Flow Control hydraulic systems, as well as their relationship to Husco Flow Summation hydraulic systems. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, and request a complimentary sample of the new 2nd edition of Hydraulic Systems for Mobile Equipment.


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