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Digital Tools: Understanding Measurement Tools Videos and Activities
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Measurement Tools Videos and Activities are product specific for ©23, this is paired with Modern Cabinetmaking, Architecture, and Print Reading for Construction. Other pairings for future ©s to come.

Why was Understanding Measurement created? 

“Not all students enter my program with strong measurement skills. I need something that I can add to my lectures on measurement or that I can assign. Sometimes students need go to through this type of material multiple times.” 

  • Today’s students, especially secondary students, do not always come to class knowing how to use measurement tools
  • Measurement skills are fundamental, basic skills that students must know to graduate and succeed on-the-job
  • Students can benefit from additional information, especially videos, and practice for learning and remediation
  • Assessments indicate when the students have mastered the skills and are ready to go

Understanding Measurement Use:

  • Understanding Measurement Tools Video & Activities can be used as an assignable online supplement for students who need a little remediation, review, or an alternative way to see/hear/understand a measurement lesson.
  • Watch | Practice | Assess: videos can be watched multiple times for learning. Worksheets help students practice their skills and quizzes validate learning! 
  • Worksheets (docx) and quizzes (ExamView and QTI format):
  • Assets can integrate with an LMS, but the grades won’t automatically flow to the gradebook 
  • Instructors can launch the assessment quizzes via the ExamView Testbank or QTI Files in the OIR to record grades in their LMS
  • Videos and Worksheets are delivered in the Online Learning Suite and LMS-ready content

Content Coverage: 12 videos, worksheets, and assessment banks

  1. Rulers and Tape Measures - An Introduction. 
  2. Reading Fractions. 
  3. Decimal Equivalents for Fractions. 
  4. Adding Fractions. 
  5. Tape Measure Tips.  
  6. Making your Mark!  
  7. An Introduction to Squares.
  8. Reading an Architect's Scale.
  9. Determining Dimensions Using a Scale. 
  10. Spacing objects equally – Part A: Using a Divider 
  11. Spacing objects equally – Part B: Using a Tape Measure
  12. Spacing objects equally – Part C: Using a Calculator
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