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Digital Tools: G-W's Virtual Toolbox
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Virtual Toolbox is product specific and paired with: © 23 Modern Cabinetmaking, Machining Fundamentals – More pairings with ©24 and beyond.

Why was Virtual Toolbox created? 

“I’ve asked my students to get a Phillips screwdriver and they ask me if that’s the one with the cross on top. Tool ID is a fundamental skill we need to teach and most students need practice to learn.”

  • Today’s students do not always come to class with much tool experience

  • With a busy curriculum, instructors can’t spend too much time teaching tool ID 

  • Image-based flashcards and activities provide student practice 

  • Assessments indicate when the student has mastered tool identification!

Virtual Toolbox Use:

Virtual Toolbox is your place to learn the tools of the trade. It has:

  • Tool Identification Flashcards for practice

  • Tool Identification Activity for practice or hand-in

  • OIR assessment banks for instructors to launch quizzes

  • The Virtual Toolbox is an asset within the Online Learning Suite and LMS-ready content

  • Virtual Toolbox can integrate with an LMS, but the grades won’t automatically flow to the gradebook                                                                                    

  • Instructors can launch the assessment quizzes via the ExamView Testbank or QTI Files in the OIR to record grades in their LMS

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