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MotoVisuals Library: How to Import MotoVisuals Library into Moodle
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Steps to Import the MotoVisuals Library into Moodle

Important: Before an instructor may add the MotoVisuals Library to their Automotive course, the following steps must be taken: See How to Request the Addition of the MotoVisuals Library to Your Automotive Title(s) Knowledge Base Article.


The MotoVisuals Library cartridge (.imscc file) was sent to you through our ticket system. Please save the cartridge to your computer for ease of access.


Import the MotoVisuals Library Cartridge

For steps with images on how to Import a Common Cartridge in Canvas, click here

  1. After logging into Moodle, select the Automotive course to which you will add the MotoVisuals Library content.
  2. Under Settings, select Restore.
  3. Select Choose File to upload the MotoVisuals Library cartridge (.imscc) file that was sent. Then select Restore.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Scroll down to Restore into this Course, and then select Continue.
  6. Select Next, Next, and Perform restore.
  7. Select Continue.

Activate the MotoVisuals Library Subscription

  1. Select "Activate Your MotoVisuals Access" link.
  2. Receive confirmation of successful activation.
  3. Go back to Resources and select "MotoVisuals Library" link.
  4. Select Launch MotoVisuals to view its content.


We are partners with Advanced Auto Parts and are happy to be able to provide these MotoVisuals to you. Please be aware that these videos/simulations are not ADA- Compliant.

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