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Online Textbook Reflowable: Features Overview
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How to Navigate the Online Textbook Reflowable Features

Click here to understand the function of an Online Textbook Reflowable.


  1. Title: View the title of the Online Textbook and the specific bookshelf item in view.
  2. Home: Select the Home button to go back to the bookshelf.
  3. Zoom: Select the "+" sign to zoom in and the "-" sign to zoom out of the textbook.
  4. Search: Search for a specific page number or conduct a keyword search in the online textbook.
  5. Table of Contents: Quickly navigate to any unit, chapter, or lesson via the TOC.
  6. Page Number: Identifies the current page of the text in view.
  7. Scrollbar: View the "Previous" and "Next" pages of the online textbook by scrolling up and down.
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