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EduHub, Powered by Brightspace: How to Create an Assignment
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Steps on How to Create an Assignment in EduHub, Powered by Brightspace

  1. Once you have selected a course, select the Course Tools drop-down menu and select Assignments.
  2. Select the New Assignment button.
  3. Enter a Name for the assignment.
  4. If grading this assignment, enter a score in the Score Out of box. This will automatically create a grade item in Grades.
  5. If adding a Due Date, this assignment will be put into the Course Calendar.
  6. An instructor may choose to provide specific instructions the students may need to know to complete this assignment.
  7. To link an activity from G-W content, select the Attach Link to Existing Activity icon.
  8. Select Content.
  9. Open the Chapter folder that has the desired activity.
  10. Select the specific activity you wish to link to this assignment.
  11. An instructor may decide to keep this assignment hidden from students until a later date, or toggle the visibility to make it immediately visible to students.
  12. Click on the Save and Close button.



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