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eBook (Willo Reader Reflowable eBook): How to Use Bookmarks
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Steps to Use Bookmarks in Willo Reader

Bookmarks make it easy for you to remember pages you want to return to later. You can access bookmarked pages in Table of Contents in the Bookmark section.


How to Add Bookmarks

  1. While reading a title in Willo Reader, select the Bookmark in the upper right-hand corner of any given page for which you would like to bookmark, and return to later.
  2. Name your Bookmark so it may be easily identified in the Bookmark section of the Table of Contents.
  3. Select Add to add it to the list of bookmarks.

How to View Saved Bookmarks

  1. Select the Table of Contents and Bookmarks icon. Then select Bookmarks.
  2. Select one of the bookmarks listed to be taken directly to that page.
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